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30 Sep 2011

Children illustration: Tired

It was already late at night and Zaki was still playing console games. The next morning, Zaki is tired and could not pay attention in class.

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23 Sep 2011

Children illustration: Poem about my brother

My brother love to exercise every day to keep himself healthy and active!

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16 Sep 2011

Children illustration: Recess time

Recess is a time for you to rest and not involved in strenuous activities. How can you concentrate in your studies when you are feeling tired and uncomfortable in your wet »

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26 Aug 2011

Children illustration: The fate of the spider

A story about a poor spider who is attacked with stones by two mischievous boys. He suffers heavy injuries after the attack and tells his tale to the grasshopper.

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19 Aug 2011

Children illustration: Kites flying high into the clouds

Lisa and Rina are flying kites in an open field. Lisa’s kite is big and colourful while Rina’s kite has the shape of a butterfly.

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